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Recent Entries 
17th-Jun-2006 10:14 pm(no subject)
i haven't updated for a while, but nothing incredibly exciting has happened. just good times rolling along so easily i don't notice any particular one until i hit one of those anoying speed bumps.
i'm gonna need to change come this fall, and it may do me some good. doing almost nothing but school, while living with my grandmother would definitly calm me down. but being me, i don't know if i'm gonna need too much of that.
after doing that, i should be making some money, so, well, hells yeah.
hells yeah...
19th-May-2006 12:49 pm - indecent proposal
will you marry me?
i'll spank you any way you want.
7th-May-2006 07:17 pm - put that thing away
last night, this guy had his cock out all night.
he had a huge cock.
his cock wouldn't fit in his pants.
he laid his cock out on the table.
then this girl tried to kill his cock.
she choked his cock.
i heard mikes mom stuffed that cock.

enough about taxidermy...

i had a huge piece of meat yesterday, it filled the plate, each bite needed to be chewed on for 1 full minute. it took 2 hours to eat, but it was only $3.
oh, and mushrooms rule.
3rd-May-2006 10:51 pm - trees, man, bloody trees
i hate trees. and slapshots to the bladder when i'm not paying attention. if i'd needed to pee at that time, i surely would have pissed my pants.

i'm really missing hockey, right now. next year with eastern should prove to be most excellent. mike should be joining the team. drinking at the tournaments, after the practices, and probably in the locker room during the practices.

i love beer, but i'm probably saying that because i'm not hungover right now.

time may not heal my wounds, but at least i forget them.
2nd-May-2006 12:01 pm(no subject)
...i think i blacked out again. fourth time in the last week.

at least my pants are clean.
29th-Apr-2006 04:41 am - yay
i'm one year older,
one year wiser,
a rock 'n roll star,
king, czar, and a kaiser.
I'm the man of the hour, the V.I.P.,
I get the first slice of the P.I.E.
now i'll blow out the candles, and make a wish,

may the hill lead nowhere but up from here.
go team dan.
23rd-Apr-2006 07:26 pm(no subject)
so, i guess i was climbing this tree last night.

i read this on a t-shirt shop's web site:

SUBJECT: Problem with your Products

For my sons birthday, he requested a teeshirt from your site. After a quick once over, we chose the shirt at the top "Mike Hawks Taxidermy". My son wore this shirt to school, and was suspended, only then did I find out the "Double Meaning" you have hid in your shirts. "My Cock Taxidermy" "I'll Stuff Your Beaver" very mature. I am going to sue you, and I want you to put up a page that explains the meanings of all your shirts to us "less phat" parents who happen to wonder onto your smut peddling website. Also I want you to pay for my son to go to private school until his suspension is lifted, as I do not think he knew the meaning of the shirt either (He is only 11). My husband thinks this is one big hilarious joke, but I assure you that I will proceed with any means possible to have people like you who sell shirts with secret filthy messages to children locked up in a jail cell for a long time.

Hiding sinful subliminal messages in shirts it's not a proper way to do business, sir.

-Lara from Pittsburgh

...and i laughed. 
10th-Apr-2006 10:54 am - fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
....fuck, fuck....

damn motherfuckers.

i suck.

one fucking goal. if it had only been harder to stop, i probably would've.

...would've been easier if we didn't have a chance.
30th-Mar-2006 02:22 pm(no subject)
i've been on a downloading spree lately. i need more suggestions. if anyone knows any goog nofx, or mxpx albums, it would be helpful if they shared that information with me. anti flag and the dropkick murpheys sounded good when i heard them... xm radio is good.

there are a few british bands i've been enjoying lately, the arctic monkeys and the kaiser cheifs.
30th-Mar-2006 12:55 pm(no subject)
i haven't really felt like updating in a while, imagine that.
i'm starting in net for the first game at nationals, in a little under exactly one week. i'm worried because i don't really feel worried about the game. this whole season has been frustrating and draining. everyone seems to have this great expectation of me, and i'm just not living up to it.

to be fair, i do gain this extra level of oddness, bordering creepiness, when i get near a hockey rink.

i guess i should be alright, i need to have no talk of this hockey for about 4 or 5 days before the game. i'd get distracted by what i'm concentrating on.

i saw a picture of me in goal for the first time a week ago, i look tiny, teeny... my feet were almost as wide apart as the goal posts, and my head was a foot below the crossbar.
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